monkey web server framework

Monkey is a lightweight and powerful web server and development stack for GNU/Linux.

It has been designed to be very scalable with low memory and CPU consumption, the perfect solution for embedded devices. Made for ARM, x86 and x64.

Latest release: v1.5.5 (Emperor Tamarin) on Thursday 18th, Oct 2014

Monkey project development team, is proud to announce the availability of Monkey v1.5.5 release. For more details about it, please refer to the official announcement or go directly to the downloads section

Monkey is part of Google Summer of Code 2014

Our organization have participated successfully on 2011 and 2012 GSoC editions, and this year we are even more motivated as we have really cool projects where students could choose and apply to make the HTTP ecosystem even better.

For more details about GSoC and Monkey Organization, please refer to the following link:

Start with Monkey in less than 30 seconds

Make sure your are in a Linux box running a Kernel version >= 2.6.29, if you are set, you can start with the following commands as normal user

$ wget
$ tar zxfv monkey-1.5.5.tar.gz
$ cd monkey-1.5.5
$ ./configure
$ make
$ bin/monkey

Now point your browser to