Monkey for Embedded Linux

Monkey is a Fast and Lightweight HTTP Server for GNU/Linux, for embedded devices is the best option available due to it's flexibility and well designed architecture. It has an excellent performance in architectures such as ARM or x86 as well.

Most of HTTP servers lack of flexibility for embedded devices, they offer too much functionalities which are not required in all cases spending resources where is not necessary. Functionalities are good when they are used, but in other cases they are just sacrificing performance and scalability.


Monkey HTTP Daemon offers a flexible architecture where the core implements the HTTP/1.1 protocol and a C plugin interface to extend the core functionalities through the application programming interface (API).

The C API, allows you to implement your own hooks and create specific behaviors depending of the events along the HTTP server working cycle, inclusive you can also define your own networking socket interfaces and add some encryption layer if required.


As described in the about section, Monkey is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.

Commercial Support / Consulting

If you need any specific customization or extend Monkey for your needs, you can request Monkey core experts availability to make your project a success, we offer commercial support for desing and implement a solution for your requirements.

For more details about the commercial support, contact us to